Growing our business

May 16th 2016

The Crafted Cup Company is a small family business, started in March 2015 with the aim of bringing fine handmade beer mugs and pewter tankards to beer drinkers (and gift buyers!) across the USA … read more

Great gifts for guys who like beer

Posted by Crafted Cup on Nov 16th 2015

Men are not generally easy to buy a great gift for.  But, if you're buying for a guy who likes beer, we might just have the answer for you!Visit our new gift guide 2015, here. … read more

Celebrate Oktoberfest 2015

Sep 20th 2015

How  do you plan to celebrate Oktoberfest this year?  A few select friends or the whole block?  Your favorite beers or exclusively German styles?  Surely there'll be food?Whatever … read more