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Growing our business

May 16th 2016

Pewter tankard with lid

The Crafted Cup Company is a small family business, started in March 2015 with the aim of bringing fine handmade beer mugs and pewter tankards to beer drinkers (and gift buyers!) across the USA and Canada.  We love our cups, and the reaction from our customers on Instagram and Facebook shows that they do too.

But there's a problem... we know there's a whole lot of demand for great handmade beer mugs, but how do we reach everyone?  After all, like most family businesses we don't have an enormous marketing budget.

We've tried various things like advertising on Google and Bing (both successful but expensive), meeting like-minded folk on social media (we love Instagram!), and and even some magazine advertising (great exposure but also expensive).  Being featured in the 'All About Beer' gift guide last holiday was great, but that doesn't last for ever.

If you like our cups we'd be super grateful if you'd spread the word about us to you friends, on social media, or even on your blog if you have one.