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Brown and white Pilsner and Weizen vase, 16oz

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Our US-made stoneware Pilsner is perfect for pilsners (of course!) and also makes a great Weizen vase to optimize your wheat beers. If you know and love either of these styles, then this cup is designed especially for you.

At nearly 8” this is a tall cup, with plenty of space at the top to promote a wheat beer’s fluffy head. The slight inward curve at the top also does a great job of holding the style’s characteristic phenol aromas just where you want them – just on top of your beer.

It’s this height that compliments a pilsner too, concentrating the effect of the effervescence so you get the maximum benefit.

This cup is made in the USA and is hand decorated using two different lead-free glazes. It’s how these two glazes play together that makes every single one unique, and beautiful.


Made in the USA for Crafted Cup

Diameter at rim




Diameter at base





16 US fluid oz

NOTE: These are handmade items, so all measurements are approximate.