We now offer engraving!

Most of our pewter tankards can be engraved for a small extra fee.  If you just want some simple text added to the tankard then - for those tankards which are suitable for engraving -  you can check the box on the product page,  choose a font, add your text, and order in the usual way.  Don't forget the engraving check  box on the product page!  Here  are  the fonts for you to choose from (The choice for Mint Julep cups is a little more limited):


ENGRAVING AN IMAGE OR LOGO: If you'd like a logo or image to be engraved onto your tankard then you can now order that from the product page too!  After choosing your tankard (selecting the appropriate option on the product page) please send us an email with the image and a description of what you want, and we'll let you know if we have any questions before going ahead.  The fee for adding a logo is $40.


Alternatively  we can design your monogram or logo for you for $40.  Again,choose the option on the product page and pay for your tankard, then email us with a  description of what you want. We'll send you a design for your approval, and then we will go ahead and engrave it onto your choice of cup!  Here are a few examples:



NOTE ON DELIVERY TIMES: We ship all of our 'unadorned' tankards from our warehouse stock in Michigan, and so you'll receive these tankards pretty quickly.  However the engraved tankards are sent direct from our pewterer's workshop in England, and there is a bit of extra work to do (of course!), so please allow 7-14 days for delivery.  The time frames if you want us to design your logo might be 2-3 days longer (provided you are able to confirm the design promptly).

Juleps are engraved in the USA so should reach you in around one week (note we cannot send Juleps outside of the USA at this time).