Gift guide

We're here to help you with the eternal problem of what would be a great gift for a guy.  Naturally it's sort of a broad subject so, given our specialism, we're focusing on great gifts for guys who like beer...

Note - we've partnered with several of the companies listed below, so in some cases if you click through and buy  then Crafted Cup will get a (very modest) referrers fee.  This isn't the case with all of them, but we think it's important to be honest with you about this upfront.

BroBasket beer buckets
The Ultimate Gift for Men - $64.99

from: The BroBasket

Brobasket specialize in gift baskets, but these are not gift baskets like you've seen before.  They do a range of personalized baskets but their 'Ultimate' is our favorite: 12 craft beers from a number of different Californian breweries, arriving in a large metal pail (you have to provide your own ice) and with a range of extras thrown in.  

Alternatively, if you have a bit more time and know your beer or know someone who does, why not put together your own beer-themed gift 'basket'?

The Original Craft Beer Club

Instead of putting together a great one-off gift basket, how about making sure that a great selection of new beers gets delivered every month?  There are several beer-of-the-month clubs around.  We think the  Craft Beer Club is the best value.  They have a range of different plans you can subscribe to (importantly without making a long term commitment!), but each month's shipment will include different craft beers from all over the country.  With subscriptions longer than 3 months they'll also throw in some free gifts which are definitely worth having.

Finally, by partnering with the Craft Beer Club we can bring you a great offer:  Use coupon  iSave10 and you'll get $10 off a prepaid Gift subscription of 3 months or longer, or $35 off a prepaid 12 month Gift subscription - and you still get the free gifts.

The Beer Machine

Brew Master

The popular Beer Machine has recently been upgraded - this brewery-in-a-box now includes a pressure gauge to monitor carbonation and so that you can serve at the perfect pressure, every time.  The Beer Machine is great for ales, IPAs, pilsners, and a lot more... and because each brew contains 28 12oz servings, it works out to a few very economical cents per pint.    

This isn't perhaps for the serious homebrewer, but is a very nice idea for anyone who might like to give it a try with limited time or space.  Prices for the Beer Machine start at $99.

The Crafted Cup Company


It goes without saying, whether you're buying for a beer snob or just a regular guy who likes a drink in the evening, proper drinkware is always welcome!  At the Crafted Cup Company we sell pewter tankards and USA-made stoneware beer mugs and steins, which are all handmade and unique.  We're sure that any one of them would make an unforgettable gift.  Prices start at $34.95 for handmade stoneware beer mugs and steins and from $47.95 for a 19oz pewter tankard.  Better yet, all shipping to the USA is free!