Kentucky pewter shot glass, 2oz

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This is our real-pewter shot glass or jigger cup.

What exactly IS a jigger?  Basically it's a small cup - typically 1.5oz to 2.0oz.  There are two main uses:

1. Nowadays the term is most commonly associated with a bar-tending tool used to precisely (more or less) measure  liquor, which is then poured into a cocktail shaker.

2. Traditionally it has also been the term for a cup used to serve small measures of liquor.

There are many  stories about how the name came about, but  our favorite is that it originates with the British Navy, where regular sailors had a legal right to a daily ration of rum of 2-3oz.  It was the ship's Bosun who had the job of rationing the rum, and the cup he used to measure the rum out was nicknamed by the sailors as the 'jigger cup', after the 'jigger sail' (the smallest sail on a man-o-war.  I think we can assume they didn't consider it a generous allowance).

Jiggers were also used to serve whiskey to railroad and canal workers across the USA during the early nineteenth century.

No matter how you plan to use yours, this 2oz jigger is a beautiful little cup, spun from solid-lead-free pewter and perfectly balanced for a great feel.  We highly recommend it!