Louisiana Mint Julep Cup, 12oz

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Our Louisiana Mint Julep cups are reminiscent of the Old South, following a style popular throughout the southern States during the nineteenth century.

All our Mint Julep cups are made in the USA by an awesome company taking inspiration from historic American pewterers and silver-smiths, and this one is inspired by the work of Anthony Rasch who worked in New Orleans between 1822 and 1857. 

Mr Rasch was an interesting fellow: born in Bavaria in about 1780, the second son of a Count, fortunately for us he received no inheritance and was forced to learn a trade.  He picked goldsmithing, and completed his apprenticeship in Passau.  Unhappily for him - and happily for us - Napoleon's romps around Europe rather ruined the market for gold, so Anthony moved to Philadelphia in 1804 and within a few years was running the largest silversmith operation in the city!

Unfortunately the economy in the young USA at the time was only marginally better than in the Bavaria he left behind, and after two bankruptcies Anthony headed south to New Orleans in 1819.   The move was a good one for  him though, and he soon declared New Orleans would be his home for the remainder of his life.  It was in New Orleans that he became known nationally for the quality of his work.

We don't know if Mr Rasch enjoyed a Mint Julep once in a while or not, but I'm sure he'd appreciate the workmanship that goes into this pewter tribute to him!