Who we are


Just imagine for a moment what goes into producing a good craft beer. The best natural ingredients, chosen and processed over weeks or months by a master brewer. It’s a mix of art, science, and tradition, using processes perfected over nearly six thousand years.


Here at Crafted Cup we believe that a fine craft beer deserves to be enjoyed with the fullest respect...and drinking from any old glass that you have to hand just doesn’t cut it.

That’s why we have searched both the old and new worlds on your behalf looking for the best in hand crafted ceramic beer mugs, tankards, pilsners, and steins, all chosen to perfectly compliment your hand crafted beer. All of our cups are made by only the most talented artists and artisans, many with decades of experience behind them. Because they are handmade using only traditional techniques, every beer mug or tankard we sell is unique and is carefully chosen to elevate your enjoyment of your beer. We think they look pretty good too.

 I’m Gareth, founder and owner of The Crafted Cup Company, and I started this company with the ambition that every fine craft beer in America should be enjoyed with the respect that it deserves. I would like to invite anybody who shares this vision to view our store and check out the great selection of ceramic beer mugs and pewter tankards that we have prepared for you. It’s time to stop being casual about drinkware.


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The Crafted Cup Company Ltd

2885 Sanford Ave SW #34641

Grandville, MI 49418