Pewter tankards

freeusashippingcategory.jpgCheck out our range of hand made pewter tankards and pewter beer mugs.  Our tankards are all lead-free and designed for use as your regular beer mug, NOT for sitting on the shelf as a keepsake.  They are crafted by highly skilled craftsmen using techniques that go back centuries.  We think they're pretty special.

Plus we will personalize your tankard with an engraved monogram or message for just $12, or let us know if you'd like a more involved customization (like a different handle, an added lid, or something completely unique) and we'll send you a custom quote.  We can do many of these things for as little as $10, and always do our best to give you fair pricing.

Note: All of our pewter mugs are graded 'Standard', 'Medium', or 'Superior'.  To help you compare like-with-like, we've included the grade of each tankard in the product listing below.