How to make super easy Plum Schnapps ready for the holidays

How to make super easy Plum Schnapps ready for the holidays

Posted by Gareth Rowlands, owner of Crafted Cup on Sep 3rd 2015

Plums schnapps and a tankardMy plan for this new blog is to share various ideas that might be interesting to our customers.  In this case, I thought I’d share a little project I get up to at this time of year, using surplus plums from our back yard, or wherever I can find them, to make plum schnapps. If you’ve never tried it, this a super easy recipe and makes a rich, fruity-flavored drink with a very pleasing after-taste.

You don’t have to use plums. Lots of other fruits make good schnapps. But plums are necessary for plum schnapps, and I’ve got a lot of plums, so that’s what I make. I use small yellow ‘cherry plums’, but, as long as they are ripe you can use whatever plums you can lay your hands on.

What do you need:

  • Plums (I mentioned that, right?)
  • White sugar
  • Unflavored Vodka, about 80% proof
  • A big sealed jar (a mason jar is ideal)
  • Three to six months

It doesn’t that much matter what sugar you use, as long as it’s not brown, but white sugar works well for me. Similarly the brand of vodka doesn’t matter too much but don’t go for something cheap and nasty.

What are the quantities I hear you ask? Honestly, I don’t know. I’m not really into measuring things in recipes but in this case you don’t need to. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want enough plums to fill your jar, enough vodka to cover your plums, and maybe about a cup of sugar for each quart of vodka. Or more if you like your schnapps sweet.

What you need to do:

1.Wash the plums and the jar in water.

2.Chop the plums into halves (or quarters if you are using a larger variety), and make a thick layer on the bottom of the jar.

Chop the plums and add sugar

3.Put a layer of sugar on top of the layer of plums.

4.Repeat until the jar is full, or you run out of plums, whichever comes sooner.

5.Fill with vodka until (at least) the plums are covered. Then put the lid on the jar, and give it a good shake to mix everything up.

6.Wait three to six months, if you can. At the beginning try to shake the jar each day until the sugar is dissolved. Try to leave the jar somewhere dark if you can, as sunlight will make the plums go dark. This doesn’t affect the taste too much, but doesn’t look so appetizing.

7.When you can’t wait any longer, remove the plums and put the finished schnapps into a bottle. You can filter it through a cloth if you want, but I generally don’t unless the plums came apart a lot. The schnapps will keep for ages (years), and some people think it improves with age. I don’t know because mine never lasts long enough to find out.

How to serve:

Well, this is The Crafted Cup Company, so obviously we’re going to recommend a cup that enhances the experience of your new schnapps! A crystal glass or crystal stemware is a fine choice, especially if it’s antique or hand made. But I like my schnapps from the half-pint pewter tankard shown in the picture. It’s a really attractive little cup and contains, for me, just the right amount. Note, I don’t advocate gulping schnapps, so if you might be inclined to do this it might be better to stick to something smaller).

Make sure you serve from an attractive bottle or decanter, and always at room temperature. If it’s cold or ‘on the rocks’ then you won’t be able to fully enjoy the unique flavors you have concocted. You can add a little water if you really must.

Sit down with a good friend, relax, and enjoy your schnapps slowly. It took a long time to make your work-of-art, so it’s worth taking the time to relish it.

Special bonus:

If you have managed to keep the plums out of the sun, put them in a bowl with a little cream and you'll have a fine dessert.  Just for the adults though! 

Let me know how you get on!

I’ve made lots of this over several years and it really is difficult to get badly wrong. If you try this, and I hope you do, let me know how you get on either below or on on our Facebook page.