Shipping and tax

Worcester pewter tankard



Our aim is to offer free shipping where we can, and simple and affordable options where we can’t.

First, before ordering please be aware that:

  • unengraved tankards are all shipped to you from our warehouse in Michigan;
  • almost all orders are shipped either on the day they are placed or the next business day;
  • mostly we use USPS Priority Mail, but for some orders we might use DHL or FedEx;
  • all orders are tracked, and we will send you an email with a tracking link shortly after we pass your parcel to the shipping company. If you have a store account with us, you can also track your package’s progress from our website;
  • we require delivery confirmation on all orders.





The comments relating to shipping unengraved tankards apply, except that all our engraving is carried out by our Master Pewterer in England.  Due to the wonders of the modern shipping industry we can get your order to you surprisingly quickly - see below for more details.




  • All our tankards and beer mugs ship for free to the contiguous USA.  Buy two or more tankards at once and we will aim to have the cups (with or without engraving) delivered to you within 5 business days.
  • We do ship to Alaska and to Hawaii, but there is a small cost.  Sorry guys!
  • In most cases we will ship pewter by USPS Priority Mail, or ceramics by Fedex, but we reserve the right to use different carriers at our discretion.
  • Pewter delivery is normally 1-4 business days after the date of shipping but this is not guaranteed.  If you live on the west coast, or in Alaska or Hawaii, shipping may take up to a week.
  • Our ceramics are heavy, and need to ship a bit more slowly.  Expect shipping to take 3-10 days with Fedex, again not guaranteed.  And again, if you live close to Michigan the time will be at the lower end of this range.



  • Most orders will be delivered by Canada Post, although engraved cups will usually be delivered by DHL.  We endeavor for cups to reach you within 5 business days although this can be difficult in more remote regions and can be extended if there are any delays at the border.
  • We do our best to keep shipping costs low, but our stoneware beer mugs are heavy, and we may need to pass on some of the extra cost of shipping.
  • Currently shipping is either free or USD$5.00, but additional import duties and fees may be payable to the Government of Canada at the point of delivery, and you are responsible for paying any such fees.



We are registered to pay business taxes in Michigan. That means that if your order is shipped to an address in Michigan, then we will have to add a 6% Sales Tax charge to your checkout bill .

If you don’t live in Michigan, or your order is shipped to somewhere outside of Michigan, then we will not charge you any tax at all.  HOWEVER  - local taxes may apply in the usual way in your location.  For example:

  • if you live elsewhere in the USA you may be required by the laws of your State to pay local "Use taxes" on your out-of-state purchases as part of your annual tax return; or 
  • if your order is shipped to Canada then you may need to pay import duties and fees as imposed by the government of Canada. 

We have no knowledge of these local taxes and you will be responsibile for paying any that apply.